COVID-19 Update

I am currently not providing any in-person services until two weeks after the curve is flattened in Jefferson CountythatYour health and safety is of the upmost importance to me. I am well-versed and trained in proper sanitation protocols and have always taken that very seriously.

The following are some measures that I will take (and have practiced throughout my career) to keep us both safe when I resume providing services in person:

  1. Washing my hands along with using hand sanitizer before and after every makeup session.
  1. I will wear a mask while providing your service.
  1. Using disposable tools on every client (mascara spoolies, lip wands, sponges etc.) so that there is never any cross contamination.
  1. All of my brushes and tools are cleaned, washed and sanitized before the next use (unless I use your personal brushes). 
  1. Never double dipping into products (unless they are your personal products) that cannot be cleaned or sanitized (ex: lipsticks, mascaras, foundations).
  1. Protecting the surfaces I work on by both sanitizing and using table coverings so items are never in direct contact with the surface.
  1. Protecting the chair that you will sit on by sanitizing and using chair coverings so you are not in direct contact with the surface.


  • I will text or call you when I’m prepared for you to enter the studio space.
  • I will do a temperature check before providing your service.
  • I will ask you to sanitize your hands.
  • I ask that you reschedule your appointment if you are sick. I will do the same or I will have a replacement artist to provide your service.